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John Horgan and the NDP
are taking away workers’ rights by
scrapping the secret ballot
in union votes!

For 30 of the past 38 years, the secret ballot has been used by B.C. workers to determine whether to join or leave a union. John Horgan’s Bill 10 changes that by moving to a card check system. This takes away a fundamental democratic right:

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Secret Ballot

If a set percentage of employees sign a union card, the Labour Board supervises a secret ballot vote of all workers.

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Card Check

Union get automatically certified if a set percentage – sometimes as low as 40% — of employees merely sign a union card.

Why is a secret ballot so important?

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It's fair - employees can hear from both sides

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It safeguards against coercion or undue pressure

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It is supervised by an independent agency

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It gives everyone confidence in the outcome

British Columbians overwhelmingly support secret ballots in union votes.


percent of British Columbians support secret ballot

Only 9%

percent of British Columbians support card check

John Horgan and the NDP are


their own Review Panel:

The secret ballot vote is the most consistent with our democratic norms, protects the fundamental right of freedom of association and choice, and is preferred.

Secret ballots for union certification are the norm in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland – and most Ontario situations.

Plus we use secret ballot for virtually every other type of vote:

• MP


• Party Leaders

• Mayor

• City Council

• School Board

• Strata Council

• School Parent Councils

• Minor Sports

• Society boards

• Charity boards

• Church boards

• Temple boards

• Canada's Got Talent

• Survivor

• Canadian Idol

• Big Brother Canada

• Justin McElroy's Twitter polls

Card check denies
workers of so many rights.

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The democratic right to a secret ballot

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A worker’s right to make important career decisions with no undue influence

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The right to a regulated voting process, overseen by an independent agency

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A worker’s ability to get information before choosing between options

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A worker’s right to privacy

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Confidence that the certification process was fair.

Learn more about keeping the secret ballot

For nearly 50 years, the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association ( has been the voice of B.C.’s construction industry.

Today, ICBA represents more than 3,500 members and clients employing 125,000 people. ICBA is one of the leading independent providers of group health and retirement benefits in western Canada, and the single largest sponsor of trades apprentices in British Columbia. ICBA undertakes public policy analysis, advocacy initiatives, and provides training focused on the construction sector, responsible resource development and a strong economy.

ICBA Supports the Secret Ballot
for Union Certification Votes

In 2018, an independent panel appointed by the NDP government recommended that the secret ballot remain part of the Labour Code in B.C. The panel found that the secret ballot is “most consistent with our democratic norms, protects the fundamental right of freedom of association and choice, and is preferred.” This is ICBA’s position on the secret ballot.

Currently, certification votes are fair, transparent, and supervised by a neutral party, the Labour Relations Board. If workers elect to join a union, ICBA respects (and supports) that decision -- if done through a secret ballot.

10% of ICBA’s members employ a unionized workforce.